Season 2020 looms LARGE!

Hi All and welcome to Season 2020.

Pre-season has already started as we head towards a likely end of March start to the season.

Have a look in the training page to see where we are training over the next few weeks.

Please note that you will have to re-register via our registrations page as Hockey Australia have changed providers so we’ll have the new registration page under the Seniors tab.

Please remember that you are un insured until you register.

If you are new to town and would like to play with one of the South West’s most succesful Clubs, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hit us up on the contact page and we’ll get you the information you require.

Have a great season everyone.

We are a Good Sports club

Sporting clubs such as ours play a significant role in the community and have a responsibility to our members and their families. We have chosen to join over 7000 clubs across Australia taking part in the Good Sports program. Through Good Sports we are committed to managing alcohol responsibly and ensuring smoke free areas, which we believe will help us to provide a healthy, safe and family friendly environment.  Together, we are helping inspire a healthier sporting nation.

Speak to our club committee about what being a Good Sports club is all about or visit

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